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I arrive Bocas from Spain 16 years ago and I opened the doors of CALIPSO Bocas Town B&B, in a house of more than 110 years in the main street of the town of Bocas, one of the few architectural jewels that remain today, worthy example of the Afro-Caribbean gingerbread architectural style of the Caribbean Bocatoreño.


CALIPSO Bocas Town B&B, was so well received, that after a couple years we built CALIPSO APARTAMENTS, to serve our clients who stayed permanently. Now we have CALIPSO OVER THE SEA B&B  and  CALIPSO BY THE SEA, in the best area in the island called Big Creek, next the best beaches.

We are lovers of Bocas del Toro archipelago, happy to be among so much beauty and exuberant nature, always committed to our Island, its people, its culture and the environment. Thankful always with Bocas and her neighbors for all we have received in collaboration and love, which is always much more than our project has been able to give back.

Many people ask me why the name CALIPSO. This arose from the love we have for the traditions and culture of Bocas; as the ancestral music of these islands is Calipso music; We do not hesitate to put this name to our brand.

We are happy to be here and proud to contribute for many more years with this wonderful island!


Marta Gascó


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